“Hot-headed? Can’t sleep? Polar Pillow has the answer. It’s a pillow filled with a cooling gel which conducts the heat away from your noggin and lets you nod off to sleep.”

    - Charlie Sorrel | WIRED Gadget Lab

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    “Wow!  No more skepticism here – This works!  I do not suffer from hot flashes, but I sleep way too hot at night to be comfortable half the time.  This pillow took the problem away completely, I kid you not.  If you do suffer from hot flashes, I think you would worship this pillow as your new idol (smile).”

    - Rita Brenke | Family Review Center

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  • Urban Daddy

    Urban Daddy

    “First of all: we know. This is a huge problem for you, hot pillows. We’re just thankful that today we can help you eradicate them from your life.”

    - UrbanDaddy | Like Sleeping on a Glacier

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  • USA Today

    USA Today

    “While they might not guarantee you a date, the following 10 gadgets can seriously up your tech game — both in the classroom and on the weekends.”

    -Patrick McGee | USA TODAY College – Preparing College Students for Tomorrow

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  • Just Luxe

    Just Luxe

    “You won’t be looking or feeling your best without a good night’s sleep. That can easily be had with PolarPillow, the best way to sleep cooler.”  

    - Kellie Speed | JustLuxe, Summer’s Must-Have Beauty Products

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  • Lucky Magazine

    Lucky Magazine

    “…it was the perfect antidote for a fever. One side is always cold, so you don’t have to go through the whole business of flipping a pillow throughout the night to get the cool side.”

    - Maura Lynch | Lucky Magazine

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  • Daily Grommet

    Daily Grommet

    “A lot of people ask us what it takes to become a Grommet… in this case it was the dramatic response to everybody who felt it.  They would put their head on the pillow and say, OH MY GOSH!”

    - Joanne Domeniconi | Co-founder & Chief Discovery Officer @ DailyGrommet

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  • The New York Observer Playground Magazine

    The New York Observer Playground Magazine

    The fabulous Lyss Stern, Editor-in-Chief of The New York Observer Playground, added PolarPillow to her “Divalysscious Moms Musts” in the 2011 summer issue for parents.

  • Gadgetell


    “Overall, I am very impressed with the PolarPillow.  After being skeptical that such a thing exists, a cooling pillow is not only possible, it’s here.”

     - JG Mason | Gadgetell

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  • Into Tomorrow National Radio Show

    Into Tomorrow National Radio Show

    PolarPillow was awarded one of “Dave’s Top Ten” tech products for 2011. PolarPillow was the only non-electronic device on the list!

    Dave Graveline is the Host & Executive Producer of “Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline”, the only nationally syndicated radio show covering consumer electronics for 17 years.

  • AHALife


    “When I got my hands on the PolarPillow I fell in love with it.  The PolarPillow keeps me cool and gives me the best night’s sleep I have had in a long time.”

    -Philippe Cousteau | CEO EarthEcho International & AHAlife Curator

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  • Nextpert News Network

    “This is a pillow that stays cool and lets you get to sleep faster and sounder.”

    PolarPillow is #1 on the 2011 Father’s Day Gift Guide

    -Katlean de Monchy | Lifestyle Expert, Nextpert News Network “The Experts on What’s Next”

  • Pure Wow

    Pure Wow

    “Finally, serial pillow-flippers have something to celebrate!”

    -Pure Wow | National

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  • The Life of Luxury

    The Life of Luxury

    “Once you try the PolarPillow, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing all these years …. a much deserved, restful night of sleep.”

    -James Kelly | The Life of Luxury

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  • A Nation of Moms

    A Nation of Moms

    “The coolness is rejuvenating and relaxing at the same time. These pillows came out in perfect time for our move to the south, where I can foresee sweltering hot summer nights.”

    - Valerie Kite | A Nation of Moms

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  • Dad Does

    Dad Does

    “If the Polar Pillow helps you sleep and you spend 8 hours a night sleeping, the cost of the pillow is a small price to pay.”

    -Dan Nessel | DadDoes

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  • Simple Mom Reviews

    Simple Mom Reviews

    “I can honestly say that since I started using my PolarPillow I have slept more comfortably and with less interruption every night.  Ahhh… restful sleep makes me happy. :)

    -Carinn Hall | Simple Mom Reviews (#1 on the list of “Top 25 Product Review Parents” selected by CircleOfMoms)

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  • Momma In Flip Flops

    Momma In Flip Flops

    “Overall the PolarPillow keeps you cool, is comfortable and I can imagine how wonderful this product would be for those who have a hard time staying cool at night.”

    -Andrea Summers | Momma In Flip Flops

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  • The Toilet Paper

    The Toilet Paper

    “44% of Americans have difficulty falling asleep according to a Consumer Reports survey. There are a myriad of reasons for this, including anxiety, stress, health issues and a sh*tty pillow. Thankfully, the brilliant minds at PolarPillow have developed a pillow that will consistently stay cool until you fall asleep.”

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  • Cuckoo for Coupon Deals

    Cuckoo for Coupon Deals

    “When you lay on it you can really feel the coolness… and the longer you lay on it you just get this AWESOME feeling up and down your neck!  It really relaxes you.  And it just keeps getting better the longer you lay there.  It’s a super feeling!” 

    -Jennifer Olson | Blogger

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  • 1FrugalMom


    “For YEARS, my entire life really, I’ve struggled with sleep! It takes me forever to fall asleep, and I wake up several times throughout the night. I hardly ever wake up feeling refreshed. And I kid you not, Polar Pillow has changed all of that.”

    -Anesa Nahas | Blogger

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  • Celebrate Women Today

    Celebrate Women Today

    “With a beautifully incorporated coolness effect plus the right thickness, the PolarPillow brings relief to thousands sound sleepers and those with sleep problems and headaches as well.”

    -Laura Gontchar | Blogger

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    Ronald McDonald House Donation

  • Starpulse


    “PolarPillow works exceptionally well… I can’t recommend it enough for people who love sleeping on a cool pillow.”

    - Alan Danzis |

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